About Us


The Triple Divas are a group of friends who decided to make bath products

that were natural, of superior quality and handmade.  

The brains of the operation is our kitty, Maumausita Rottenfur, who masterminded

our line of pawdicure purroducts for her furriends.


Our line of products comes from 5 years of

intensive research and testing on

ourselves and our friends (never on animals!).  

We love the results and are

proud to offer many organic products in our line.  

Some of our favorite ingredients include

organic essential oils, organic raw honey,

organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil

and organic cocoa butter.



  • Lip Balms

    Lip Balms

    Our lip balms are organic and wholesome!  They taste great and are good for you!


  • Sample Packs

    Sample Packs

    Try any of our products for $2.50 each plus shipping!


  • Magick Eye Serum & Gel

    Magick Eye Serum & Gel

    An insomniac since I was a teenager, I've never not had dark circles under my eyes.  I have tried every…


  • Facial Care

    Facial Care

    Our Organic Age Defying Moisturizer is a must for aging skin.  It provides much needed moisture and nutrients to soothe…


  • Pet Products – Fleas

    Pet Products – Fleas

    You will love what our food grade flea powder does for your pet and home.  Completely safe for pets and…


  • Coming soon – Sugar Scrubs

    Coming soon – Sugar Scrubs

    Our organic sugar scrubs are great for your skin and give you a healthy glow.  Coming soon - body scrub,…


  • Zen Cream

    Zen Cream

    Our thick, rich Zen cream is great for dry skin, after sun, soothing eczema symptoms or any time you want…


  • Pain Soothers

    Pain Soothers

    Our Natural, Organic Pain Assassin products will soothe your aches and pains.  We can't live without them!