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  • Sample Packs

    Sample Packs

    Try any of our products for $2.50 each plus shipping!


  • Magick Eye Serum & Gel

    Magick Eye Serum & Gel

    An insomniac since I was a teenager, I've never not had dark circles under my eyes.¬† I have tried every…


  • Pet Products – Fleas

    Pet Products – Fleas

    You will love what our food grade flea powder does for your pet and home. ¬†Completely safe for pets and…


  • Coming soon – Sugar Scrubs

    Coming soon – Sugar Scrubs

    Our organic sugar scrubs are great for your skin and give you a healthy glow. ¬†Coming soon - body scrub,…


  • Zen Cream

    Zen Cream

    Our thick, rich Zen cream is great for dry skin, after sun, soothing eczema symptoms or any time you want…


  • Divas Divine Shine Hair Treatment

    Divas Divine Shine Hair Treatment

    Our Organic Divas Divine Shine leaves you with soft, shiny, lustrous locks!