About Us

Meet The divas!

Triple Divas consists of Xenia and Sabrina, and our Angel Diva Brian, who transitioned unexpectedly in 2020.  We decided to build a business around something we truly love:  bath products! We love scent and beauty, and love to make beautiful things that smell divine (I’ll see myself out now 😂🤣).

We are a small, women-owned business on magical Whidbey Island in Washington.   Personally, as in our business, we are very concerned about the environment and use many locally sourced, sustainably harvested ingredients to bring you the best quality possible!  We love what we do, and as energy practitioners, we are able to send this love into all our products.

Our love of science and research from our college education has gone into making some of our specialty products like Zen Cream and Pain Assassin, as well as many other of our made-from-scratch products.

We are proudly owned by our six supurrvisor cats (Catstomer Service Divas) Pandora, Persephone, Sapphire, Lady Sylvie, Kali and Spooky.  We love them with all our hearts!