i am currently using the eye serum..its amazing when i first started i had racoon eyes literally no joke.. in three or four days no more dark circles for me..THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING AND IT WORKS..trust me you will b happy

Diane Potts,

It's taken me awhile to get around to using the sample of the eye serum. OMG it works a treat.   By yesterday, my eyes were carrying enough baggage for a year long holiday. I put the serum on - and only the most minute amount last night and woke up with nothing.
I am so happy to report that it works and it works wonders.  Well done Triple Divas.
And the bonus ... the smell ... COFFEE. Love you girls and can't wait to try more of your products. You're on a winner. Just remember me when you're all rich and famous.


I love this Zen Cream !! I am on my 3rd bottle !! My skin feels like a babies 💖 I recommend strongly.  This cream cured my grandson of his eczema!

Debbie Schmitt,